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                      5. Brand interpretation


                        Ruijing Ceramics belongs to Foshan New Ruijing Ceramics Co., Ltd. ,
                        which was founded in 1973.
                             Is a set of raw materials, production, sales, service as one of the integrated enterprise group.
                             Company strength is abundant, has complete advanced production equipment, annual production of 2000 square meters building ceramics.

                        Main products include Jin Gangchao SPAR, king kong jade, 9 d flat vitrified nano stone plate, and other series, marble, star category
                             Is complete, the design and color of 300 kinds, one is building ceramic industry in the production of large enterprises.

                        PRODUCT CENTER


                        BEAUTY CASE ANALYSIS


                        • Products  |
                          Case Name  |  New Aman beige RD88952
                        • Products  |
                          Case Name  |  RD88955 rice and rice beige
                        • Products  |
                          Case Name  |  RD88953 sofitel gold
                        • Products  |
                          Case Name  |  RD88956 Turkish Lightning Gray
                        New RED SCENE INFORMATION




                        address: Foshan city, guangdong province town of China ceramics city hengfa floor   Phone Number:18379118808

                        All rights reserved ? Foshan Ruijing ceramics co., LTD   ICP:粵ICP備16095741號
                        粵公網安備 44060402001547號


                        Service On-line
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